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Welcome to Allies

Welcome to Allies

The Stories Behind The Entrepreneurs Who Create Impact & Build Legacies

(And the educational resources to empower the next generation of them)

The Stories Behind The Entrepreneurs Who Create Impact & Build Legacies

(And the educational resources to empower the next generation of them)

Personal endorsement from SharkTank's Kevin Harrington

Nick & Haley Apollo at Allies International

Hosted by Nick Apollo

Hosted by Nick Apollo

Original Shark from the hit TV Show SharkTank

“When he showed me some of the things he was working on, I saw the vision immediately. Nick has built a dream team of advisors, mentors, and industry specialists who are capable of fixing, scaling, or selling virtually any established business.”

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Nick Apollo Allies CEO Linkedin

About the Author: Nick Apollo

Average Entrepreneur | Leastselling Author | Mismanaging Partner | Industry Thought Needer | Unsophisticated Investor | Award Losing Producer | Relentlessly Improving Dog Dad & Husband ⤵︎

After years of building, growing and selling our own companies, I discovered that the only thing I was actually kinda good at was finding and hiring people who are far more talented than me...

...(See the SharkTank™ testimonial above).

After a lot (A LOT) of trial and error, we eventually assembled a holistic, "virtual family office" of 173 embarrassingly expensive (but ROI effective) services, solutions, and specialists for both businesses and nonprofits.

But for the sake of transparency, here’s our entire business model...

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Allies International

Personal endorsement from Kevin Harrington (from SharkTank):

Nick (& Haley) Apollo

Founder & "Average Entrepreneur"

Nick & Haley built and sold three companies prior to assembling the Allies Family Office. Now they focus on networking and partnering with other investors & business owners.

Lindsay Larson

Lindsay is the glue that holds everything together at Allies. She creates, refines and aligns all of our systems and team communication with unrelenting comedic timing.

Operations Director & Chief Integrator

Mark Freedman

Advisor & Finance Director

Marc is a financial engineer who leverages proprietary datasets to build custom solutions that recover previously lost profits & EBITDA. (With guaranteed results).


Advisor & Marketing Director

Damien is one of the most accomplished marketers in the world and is always on the cutting edge of new martech platforms and advertising channels.

Yanik Silver

Advisor & Author of Evolved Enterprise

Yanik is well-known speaker, marketer, copywriter, leader of the mastermind group Maverick 1000, and author of "Evolved Enterprise" that combines business & impact.

Trevor Blake

Advisor & 9 Figure Entrepreneur

Trevor has built and sold 3 companies for a combined EV of over $600M+, and currently runs multiple businesses from home with only a five hour workday.

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